Community Workshops

"I never knew life could get this exciting!" Ms E Smith, Teacher

Drummers United also cater for festival/gala events, providing ‘drop in’ workshops to add a ‘hands on’ feel to your fete.

Whether it be a full day event focusing on an energetic
performance or a totally ‘fun for all’ ‘come give it a
try’ ‘facilitation session’, with enough equipment to
cater for large groups (50 plus) everyone will be happy.

Live Drumming Performance


Drumming Workshop

 "I was slightly apprehensive at first, not knowing what to expect, but soon lost my inhibitions and found the whole experience very spiritual and enjoyable"
Shelly Fox

"I found it very interesting, even if I was running some of the workshop!"
Tony Bennett (Main man from Mundi Drummers)

"Community Drumming provides people with an inlet to an interesting life"
Alison Shiel (Secretary/Wife)
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